A personalized itinerary is always designed by our Captains and together with some
alternatives specific to your charter, it subject to the whims of the Gods, sudden
changes in weather may require a slight deviation, when your captain and crew will
work with you to make the necessary adjustments. Oftentimes your itinerary is also
subject to the whim of your party and along the way you may elect to change your
previously planned course. Again your captain is at your service, and any spontaneous
changes will be gladly accommodated. To summarize in brief, we will select
information on the total number of guests on board a yacht, when you plan your cruise,
how long your cruise will be and where you would like to cruise
Charter Document
Please take your time to fill-up this form and must be returned to us at least 2 weeks
before charter date. You can send it by email or fax or postal service.
This Charter Agreement must be signed on 2nd page and initial on all other pages.
Please send 2 set together with
Terms & Conditions by postal service to the address
stated in the agreement.
Must initial on this page and send it together with Yacht Charter Agreement
For weekly charter please refer to all documents below and please do not hesitate
to contact us for further clarifications.
Motor Yacht Crewed Charters in the Andaman Sea & Borneo